Comprehensive, effective training for pilots and aircrew, as well as operators and drivers of all current and future land and seaborne vehicle systems demands the most accurate, most flexible, most state-of-the-art simulator environments possible. This is especially true for the look and feel of the instruments and controls where the “hands-on” training experience is crucial for subsequent successful user transition into real world operation.

Control Products Corporation (CPC), world leader in Night Vision Imaging System (NVIS)-compatible lighting system components and external, internal and control lighting for aircraft is also the world leader in manufacturing complete simulator systems, including our high fidelity, high quality, competitively priced simulated cockpit control modules.

CPC’s proprietary, in-house component production capabilities guarantee the highest level of quality control and most cost-effective delivery of each simulated control module, custom designed and manufactured to meet your most stringent requirements. Each CPC Simulated Control Module includes our proprietary serial interface which significantly reduces MTBF and MTTR interference and wiring, and is completely reconfigurable to meet future simulated control requirements for years to come. CPC Simulated Control Modules – when the feel needs to be real!