Increased demand for Marine Corps KC-130T night and covert missions in nearly every operational theater in the world repeatedly stresses the importance of advanced Night Vision (NVIS) systems working congruently with NVIS-compatible instrument and interior lighting. These important missions, many flown in hostile environments with multiple KC-130T aircraft, also require a third and equally crucial component necessary for crew safety and mission success – NVIS-compatible exterior/navigation aircraft lighting.

Fortunately, Control Products Corporation (CPC), world leader is Night Vision Imaging System (NVIS)-compatible lighting system components, offers complete NVIS Compatible and NVIS Friendly lights and filters, custom designed and manufactured to modify or replace most KC-130T light sources. Our proprietary in-house production capabilities provide significant fabrication efficiency and cost reductions, while ensuring the highest quality NVIS-compatible components that meet or exceed even the most stringent Marine KC-130T Night Vision requirements.

CPC’s Interior NVIS Compatible Lighting
CPC’s Interior NVIS Compatible Lighting is designed to tightly integrate with existing KC-130T cockpit/interior lighting systems to eliminate dangerous light leaks and flares that can blind sensitive Night Vision systems, imperiling flight crews and passengers.

CPC’s Exterior NVIS Friendly Position and Formation Lighting
CPC’s Exterior NVIS Friendly Position and Formation Lights replace existing navigation/anti-collision lights on the KC-130T fuselage top/bott and top of wing. This important modification allows safer formation flying in complete darkness, providing KC-130T pilots enhanced Night Vision viewing of formation aircraft without the dangerous flares generated by regular IR anti-collision lights.