The advantages of Night Vision Goggles in cockpit environments are unquestionable, but the introduction and widespread adoption of this important technology also raises significant night vision compatibility issues – especially where normal instrument lighting can cause dangerous goggle flares, sometimes temporarily blinding pilots and crew.

Control Products Corporation’s NVG Open Ring Bezel technology provides one of the most effective solutions to this important compatibility problem by utilizing 3M Polycarbonate light control film with 90 micro-louvers to concentrate and confine internal instrument light on the instrument rather than flooding the dark cockpit.

Our NVG Open Ring Bezel technology directs light to where it is needed and away from where it is not, eliminating nighttime window reflections in aeronautical situations, improving contrast and reducing electronic display glare by blocking annoying off-axis light, making the display easier and more comfortable to read.

CPC’s easy-to-implement, cost-effective bezel solution fits over existing instruments and control displays, eliminating the need for expensive internal instrument lighting modifications and redesign, efficiently converting existing cockpit environments to MIL-L-85762A specifications in the shortest possible time.

CPC NVG Open Ring Bezels fit all sizes of instrument – including 2″ or 3″ displays, and are used worldwide in multiple aircraft platforms including the UH-60, F-16, KC-130, F-5, CH-47’s and in almost every aircraft requiring Night Vision Goggle-compatible lighting.