Dynamic operational environments, both political and tactical, demand the utmost flexibility and reliability to meet each mission challenge to ensure aircrew safety and success. To help address these important requirements, Control Products Corporation (CPC), world leader is Night Vision Imaging System (NVIS)-compatible lighting system components, presents the CPC Night vision (NVIS) Friendly and Covert Exterior Lighting System.

CPC’s advanced external lighting system for aircraft is custom designed and manufactured to replace or modify exterior aircraft lights to appear normal to unaided vision while appearing as “Friendly” to NVIS.  This important lighting innovation allows training and tactical multi-aircraft missions to proceed safely around busy airspace, visible to proximal air traffic while remaining easily identifiable to friendly mission aircraft.

NVIS Friendly Lighting advantages:

  • Safe operation of military aircraft with goggles in civilian airspace (NVIS Friendly-enabled aircraft remain visible to civilian aircraft, appearing as normal air traffic), providing greater training operation flexibility.
  • Multi-man cockpit operation – flight safety not affected if one pilot wears goggles while one does not.
  • Designed for complete goggles-on aircraft refueling.

CPC’s NVIS Friendly Lighting replaces existing navigation/anti-collision lights on aircraft fuselage top/bottom and the top of wing. The CPC NVIS-compatible lighting also allows safer formation flying in complete darkness for covert missions, providing pilots enhanced Night Vision viewing of friendly formation aircraft without the dangerous flares generated by regular IR anti-collision lights