NVIS Cockpit Floodlights

With the advent Night Vision-enabled cockpits came the absolute necessity to protect pilot and flight crew vision from harsh, often dangerous light flares and leaks associated with instrument illumination from interior floodlights. And while ongoing Night Vision system improvements strive to alleviate some of the vision hazards inherent in interior high intensity lighting, industry experts agree the most effective aircrew vision safety solution is to redesign cockpit floodlight system quality for better integration with Night Vision equipment.

Control Products Corporation (CPC), world leader in Night Vision Imaging System (NVIS)-compatible lighting system components, is proud to offer our custom-designed, custom manufactured aircraft interior floodlights. Our proprietary, in-house lighting component production capabilities guarantee the highest level of quality control for each cockpit lighting component. This ensures the tightest integration with existing and future lighting systems, safe handling of high halogen lamp temperatures, and significant Night Vision environment improvements in the cockpit.

CPC’s advanced cockpit floodlight systems are available for all aircraft types where Night Vision system integration is crucial for air crew safety and mission success.