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Company History

CPC Company History

Control Products Corporation (CPC) of Grand Prairie, Texas USA is one of the most experienced, quality driven aerospace lighting companies that specialize in NVIS aircraft lighting. Established in 1963, CPC began as a lighted information panel house, eventually transitioning into the cutting edge industry of NVIS lighting.

CPC has designed and built NVIS compatible lighting systems since 1985 for a large variety of fighter, transport and helicopter aircraft. CPC designed the US Air Force F-16 NVIS lighting kit and built the first 206 NVIS F-16 kits for the Air National Guard and Reserves. It is this CPC kit design that the USAF specified for all its remaining F-16s. We have also modified F-16’s for six European Air Forces, Singapore Air Force and SE Asia Air Force. CPC continues to produce high quality NVIS kits for many other types of aircraft around the world.

CPC purchased Rheaco, Inc., a sheet metal and machining company in 2000, which operates as a division of our company. CPC continually strives for innovation with our Simulation Systems, manufacturing all aspects of the units, including the structures.

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